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Vienna Christmas Restaurant List- Recommendations?

Hi All,

Does anyone have recommendations for the restaurants listed on the Christmas list?

My hotel recommended the following locations but thought you all may have better options.

Fleischmarkt 11
Tel. + 43-1-533 19 77
11 - 24

Augustinerstraße 1
Tel. + 43-1-533 10 26
11 - 16, 20 - 24

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It depends what you are looking for, a good place with local cuisine or international food, an elegant, posh place, old-fashoined style or modern, awarded with Michelin stars or not, etc.

Griechenbeisl is an overpriced tourist trap. Augustinerkeller is a so called City Heuriger, a Heurigen without the traditional garden or vineyard setting, for me not apropos at Christmas.

We liked Plachutta very much, especially because of the traditional boiled beef, widely unknown in US.
Anna Sacher would be my favorite, but it is a very elegant place, jacket and tie recommended.
Oberlaa is a good choice at noon, very good three-course lunch specials.
Silvio Nickol's place bears the highest awards in that list, rather expensive.
If you want to eat in a café, Landtmann would be my selection.

Read the homepages of the different places, maybe TripAdvisor ratings. It is very difficult to judge what may appeal to you.

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Thank you for that info. We will stay away from those locations then. We don't mind getting dressed up so that isn't an issue. We would like to make sure the food is good and we get a nice taste of Viennese cuisine.

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Plachutta would be my choice. One of my most memorable meals ever was there.

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Seconding the recommendation for Oberlaa (in Neuer Markt) for lunch and Cafe Landtmann, which are our two favorites. Also had lunch at Café Schwarzenberg two years ago and it was very good.

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We tried to get into Plachutta but they only have an opening between 3-5pm which is a bit early .

Now for plan B or C.

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So, we have December 25 reservations at Plachutta. I have reached out to both Der Kuckuck and Pfudl to determine availability. If both were available which would you all recommend over the other?

Thank you all so much for your help!

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Both restaurants offer traditional local cuisine.

Pfudl is more on traditional Viennese cuisine, kind of "how my grandmother cooked", a so called "Beisl". There is no exact translation available, it means basic place for eating and drinking (beer, wine) in Vienna, analogue to a pub in England (the analogy does not apply to the quality of the food :-)).

Kuckuck says it has Austrian cuisine from the imperial era, i.e. including dishes from countries which do not belong to Austria anymore. It is more elegant than Pfudl, and it is very small, so getting a reservation might be more difficult.