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Vienna Card / Vienna Pass

We will be in Vienna for 4 1/2 days. It will be our first time there. I would like to see some major things but I do not want to be running from museum to museum, and to other sightseeing places. I would enjoy walking through the parks and gardens.

Is it worth it to get the Vienna card or Vienna pass? Does anyone know the difference between them?

Can we just get a transportation pass a few days which makes it worth it?

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The Vienna City Card and the Vienna Pass are different travel pass plus attraction-discount schemes, which one is best for you will need you to compare the attractions covered in detail and decide how many of them you will actually visit. Alternatively a three-day transport-only pass is 17 euros 10 cents. If you are arriving early in the week you can get a Wochenkarte one-week card for the same price, but this is ONLY valid from Monday to Sunday, not any seven consecutive days.

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The Vienna Pass was perfect for us - but we essentially ran from museum to museum. It sounds like you don't need the Vienna Pass.

I know nothing about the Vienna Card.

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Thank you all for your feedback.

In Paris you can get a “carne” of 10 tickets, which 2 people can use. Does anyone know if Vienna has anything like that?

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Vienna has 20+ variants of public transport tickets.

What the best option for you would be depends on whether your stay is across a weekend or within a calendar week.
Note: A calendar weeks starts here on Monday and ends on Sunday.

If you can provide your dates I can give you detailed information. If somebody is older than 63 then a senior ticket is available (but only for single rides). Single ride tickets are generally the most expensive way to travel.

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Vienna has a much better system than Paris. Easier, more efficient. As noted above, you should buy a transportation pass for a certain period of time depending on your plans. You buy the transportation pass at a Wiener Linien machine. The transportation pass can be used on all trams, buses, subways and regional trains within the Vienna city limits. It is an honor system here, so you only need to validate the transportation pass once. After that, just keep it in your pocket or purse. Random checks for tickets are infrequent.