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Vienna, Austria to Kitzbuhel, Austria trip

Is anyone familiar with how we can purchase train tickets to get us from the Vienna Airport (Schwechat Intl' airport) to the train station we'll need to catch a train to Kitzbuhel, Austria? We live in the USA, trying to pre-purchase train tickets to get there and get back to Vienna: wanting to travel February 9, 2020 and return to Vienna February 13, 2020.

Also, is there a website/app that will allow us to purchase these tickets in English?

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Here is the website for Austrian trains. Use Vienna International Airport as your departure point.

I see a variety of Feb 9 departures, with price depending on times and number of,changes. One change from €60-€70, but if you are flying in on Feb. 9, you might be better off with the more flexible €75 ticket.

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I really appreciate your input. Is it better to arrive at the airport on February 8th, and go to the train station to buy our tickets the day before, at the train station...or will we get better pricing doing it online, here in the USA, in advance?

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Looks like if you buy now, you can get a Sparschiene (nonrefundable) ticket for about 50 EUR pp. If you wait until you are at the train station Sunday morning, you'll be paying regular price of about 70 EUR pp.

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Every hour there is a direct express train (RailJet, RJ or RJX) from Vienna International Airport to Wörgl, where you have one change to a local train (REX or S) for continuing to Kitzbühel.

The cheaper Sparschiene tickets you can get well in advance, but they are bound to the chosen train. If your flight is delayed and you miss the train, the tickets are void.

The regular price for this route is € 76, Sparschiene between € 60 and € 70. That price difference is not worth the risk of missing the train. (Significantly cheaper Sparschiene tickets you can get only for connections with 3 ore more changes.)

I would buy the tickets in advance online, including a seat reservation for the expected train to take. With a regular ticket you can take the next train if your flight is late; only the seat reservation is void then. Regular tickets can be cancelled until one day before departure.

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It is unclear, but the OP appears to be flying into Vienna Saturday Feb 8, then traveling to Kitzbuehel on Sunday Feb 9. If tickets are not bought yet, It would be a lot closer to fly into Munich. Only 2 1/2 hours to Kitzbuehel and train tickets, even Flexpreis, are half as much. If going to Vienna afterward, fly open jaw.

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So you are flying to VIE (Vienna airport) from the US, arriving on February 9 and wanting to immediately take a train (5-6 hours, multiple changes) to Kitzbuhel ? Many people suggest leaving a long connection time after your plane scheduled arrival in case your plane is late or you are delayed by lines at passport control. Or you can pre-purchase tickets at fully exchangeable base price (€75 one-way) and use them on any train that day.
Note that ÖBB warns that Sunday, February 9 is a peak travel day so seat reservations are advised.
Look at to see the trains available at different times with different routings (1-4 train changes)
Easy to reserve and either print tickets at home or put them on your phone.
OR will you already be in Vienna on February 8 ? If so, you do not have to go all the way out to the airport since trains also go through the downtown Hauptbanhof (main station).

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Fundamental rules of train travel, particularly in Austria:

Buy your tickets as far in advance as you can for a specific train to
save money. These are called sparschiene tickets. if you wait too
long (as the OP has done) the cheap fares will be gone.

Only use the OeBB website to purchase tickets and check itineraries. This website is available in

Fully flexible tickets that are not tied to a specific train
and which allow breaks in travel are the most expensive tickets you
can possibly buy. These can be purchased on the day of travel, but
any one with any sense avoids this at all cost.

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I am afraid to click on this link. Reported.
Besides, the OP's trip is fait accompli.