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Vienna airport question

Hi, All-
Wonder if one of our Vienna locals can help me? Our Airbnb is on Leo-Slezak Gasse street. Is the smartest thing to take a taxi from the airport? Mom can’t walk far with a suitcase, so I’m not sure if public transportation is an option nearby? Thanks in advance!

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For your delectation and amusement , Leo Slezak was a star of The Vienna State Opera ( Hofoper , at the turn of the century ) with quite a sense of humor . This anecdote is well known among opera and music lovers - " Slezak secured a three-year contract with the New York Metropolitan Opera in 1909. Met audiences acclaimed him in performances of works by Wagner and Verdi. Along with Italy's Giovanni Zenatello, he became the most famous Otello of his generation, famously performing the role at the Met with Arturo Toscanini conducting.
He was a convivial person, and many anecdotes reveal his amiable sense of humour. The best-known example is as follows: during a performance of Wagner's Lohengrin, a stage hand sent the swan out too early, before the tenor could hop aboard. Seeing his feathered transportation disappear into the wings, Slezak ad-libbed to the audience: "Wann fährt der nächste Schwan?" ("When does the next swan leave?"). " Wikipedia saved me from typing this out ! PS , his son was the famous actor , Walter Slezak .

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Local here! I would highly recommend a pre-booked airport taxi. It will be cheaper than a taxi upon arrival. Don’t mess with public transportation as your Airbnb will be challenging to get to. For getting around on a daily basis, you’ll want to rely on trams, particularly the 43 which goes to Schottentor on the Ring. I would not suggest using the U6 in that area as a novice with an elderly mom. Can be a bit rough for the uninitiated. I also feel I should warn you that your apartment is not in a great area. Vienna is safe, but that area can be dodgy.

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I also feel I should warn you that your apartment is not in a great area. Vienna is safe, but that area can be dodgy.

Don't worry, the Vienna General Hospital is right at the next corner. :-))
Emily's assessment of areas in Vienna tends to be overly cautious.

Forget Uber. Pre-book a taxi, the driver will wait for you in the arrival hall, you will pay a flat fee.
That is the company I used several times:
Be careful when entering the date: European format is required ( Friends of mine who left Vienna just two days ago happened to order their taxi to the airport for November 6th (06.11.) insted of June 11th (11.06.).

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Thanks for the information, everybody!

Yikes, I’m a bit worried about the area. Nothing was written in the reviews about the neighborhood not being the greatest or I would have thought twice about booking it! Mom and I are pretty travel savvy, so hopefully we won’t have any issues.

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Not really overly cautious - I’d go to that area any time of day myself. I just think that for a tourist spending money with an elderly mother, this neighborhood might be not what they have in mind when they envision Vienna. It is located on the Guertel, which is well known for seedy stuff - but nothing dangerous. You’ll be safe, but it doesn’t have the best public transportation connections either.