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Venice to Vienna railpass austria

Can I use an Austrian pass for the Austrian part of this trip? I mean, if I get on the train in Verona, then pay to the border ( but what is the border town?), and then use the pass?

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I've done what you are suggesting but not with Italy but with Poland and Holland (from Duisburg to Amsterdam) where I brought a point to point ticket to cover that portion not covered by the Pass.

First, go to the ticket office in Verona, tell them you have the Austrian Pass and that you would like a ticket to cover from Verona to the border. That's enough. When you board show that ticket to the Italian train controller. When the Austrian controller comes around after you've crossed the border, then show him the Pass. Make sure you already wrote in the correct date and month before the Austrian controller sees it.

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Ph thank you! I'll now trust that it'll work, seeing that you've already done this little trick.

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The Italian train station should be able to activate your pass when you buy the rest of the ticket, but if they say no, then don't fill in travel date or other info. Show the pass to each conductor, but the Austrian conductor might have to be the one to activate it. See also

DB schedules will show you the border crossing points when you view details. How to Look Up Train Schedules Online gives you the DB train schedule link and tips for using it. If you go straight north from Verona, then the crossing is at Brennero. If you go via the Venice-Villach bus, operated by the railways, then the border is at Villach.

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thank you! sounds as if it will be a doddle! ( that means easy , for you foreigners!)