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Venice to Austria- Salzburg, Hallstatt, Vienna

I'm traveling from Venice to Austria and plan to spend 4 days in Austria. I want to take an overnight train from Venice to Salzburg, spend 1 day in Salzburg, head over to Hallstatt for 1 day, and head over to Vienna for 2 days. Is this doable or am I pushing it? What are the train options traveling within Austria?

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With the present timetable, there is an overnight train, no changes, leaving you at Salzburg station at 4am. Not the most comfortable of choices; what would you be doing at 4am? Another connection, a bit more practical, changing at 11pm in Padova and arriving at 6am in Salzburg; at least by the time you reach an hotel to drop your luggage is already breakfast time, but do not expect to get a room before 1 or 2pm.

There are also a few daytime connections, mostly with bus to Villach and then train, taking about 7 hours and eating out the best part of a day.

IMHO a 1 day window in Salzburg is too short once you consider the practical limitation of actual timetables.