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Vegan/Ethnic Vienna

We arrived in Vienna late yesterday. It seems such a multicultural, multilingual place. Although we can and do look at Happy Cow, I was really hoping for some suggestions with respect to ethnic options. Some time ago in our former hometown (Columbus, Ohio) there was a restaurant called Turkish Cuisine. They had the most sublime vegetable stew (turlu, if I recall correctly), red lentil soup, and house made flat bread. They also had a bunch of cold options with which we made summer picnics when it was too hot to want to cook. Is there something like that here (I hope)? I am at a loss as to how to look for that, as I've long forgotten the names of all those dishes. Help please?!

Any other interesting and possibly unique options would also be appreciated. We had lovely masala dosas and idli today at Prosi, not far from our apartment.

Is there such a thing as a vegan sacher torte or apple strudel? I suppose I should ask for poppy seed strudel for Denis as well, lol.

Tomorrow we will shop at the Brunnenmarkt, looking forward to that. Any suggestions there, prepared I mean?

Thanks all.

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This is the most comprehensive guide for you:
Although it is in German, it is easily understandable. You can choose the type of place, the kind of cuisine, other features, and the city borough. If you tick "Empfohlen" (recommended) the search is narrowed to the renowned establishments.

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Kent is the most well known Turkish restaurant in Vienna and near Brunnenmarkt. Check there. There are many Turkish restaurants all over Vienna and many serve lentil soup, but probably not Vegan. As a side note, the best day to visit any market is Saturday. Not sure you’ll find much on a Monday.

Try Vegetasia at Ungargasse 57 for vegan Taiwanese. Any Indian will have vegan options - Indus in the 3rd district is very good. Tian is probably the most high end vegan/vegetarian. Wrenkh is also very good.

Poppyseed strudel - no thank you and why? Not really a popular thing here. It’s apple you want, or, if you’re lucky and go to Gerstner, you’ll get cherry or apricot strudel.

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Poppyseed strudel - no thank you and why?

Perhaps, like me, they grew up eating it. Still one of my favorite things made by my Austrian mother.

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I asked about poppyseed simply because Denis is fond of poppyseed desserts. The apple is for me, although given the apricots and cherries we've gotten here so far, those too would be options, yum. I will look at the other suggestions. Thank you all.

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Have you been to the Rathaus yet for the Food & Film Festival? Lots of great vegan options there...