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valuable information regarding mobile ticket

The story begins like this,

I purchased an Austrian mobile rail ticket for a friend yesterday, 16/05/2015. Luckily, I was logged on to my oebb app when doing so.

Then, I called my friend to login using my registration details such as username and password on his mobile oebb app. To this, he could not go further than the "show ticket" page.
Upon calling, the following was the reply.

" If you booked with registration, your friend needs to log in to your account.
· If you booked without registration to meineÖBB, the ticket is only available on the device you used for the booking and cannot be transferred or generated in any other way. You are informed of this prior to being able to continue. In this case you need to book a new ticket or give your friend the device you used for the booking. No refund from our side is possible as no error by ÖBB occurred."

When I gave the order no. to them, thank god, I had purchased the ticket after logging nointo my account.
The problem really was my friend's phone.

With Arabic as the language set up on my friend's smartphone, the ticket did not open. However, as soon as he switched to English, he could get his ticket.


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