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Tyrolean Folk Evening close to Innsbruck or Hall

In a couple of weeks my husband, children and I are taking a couple of days up near Innsbruck & Hall. I've searched the internet for the listings of the pop up folk evenings that Rick Steves attended in his segment on Austria. It was the slap dancers that chopped the wood. Anyway, we would rather have a nice dinner at a local tyrolean restaurant where an event takes place rather than the dinner/theater in Innsbruck. How do I find the listings of events and their locations? Thanks for the help!

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First thing, ask the tourism board. They are very efficient and the main source of information for events in Innsbruck.
There should be a restaurant (Gasthaus Sandwort am Inn) offering every night a tyrolean folk program, but I confess never having attended it.

You may look for the free weekly (weather permitting) folk dance programs (Tiroler Abend) in the garden on the back of the main square in Igls. Also have a look to the 15th August afternoon program in Ambras castle park; organized by the festival of ancient music, if features mini-concerts, renaissance dancing, entertainment and it is especially suitable to families with children.

The most suggestive folk moments are reserved to locals and may be difficult to spot. Read for German only announcements. For example, I remember the 30th anniversary of a local village parish priest that turned in a huge event with brass bands, authorities addresses, rifles volleys and a huge feast in the fire guards courtyard. We were one of the only two foreign couples attending the event (but we knew that priest since 20 years).

If you are Catholic, the 15th August morning Mass in country villages is incredibly colourful, with locals sporting their best traditional dresses. Try to dress up a little or you will feel out of place.

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Up the hill in Seefeld in Tirol we enjoyed a small local entertainment in the town meeting room. Not too hokey, well done for what it was, no food. Either free or very low cost, some years ago.

Maybe Seefeld in Tirol is too far for you. Great hiking.

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If you can't find anything in the Innsbruck area, Gasthof Fraundorfer in Garmisch-Partenkirchen has a dancing demonstration and live music most nights of the week. I forget the name of the restaurant, but there's another one down the street that also has music and dancing, but not as frequently.