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two weeks from Budapest to Munich

We are planning two weeks from Budapest to Munich in September. We have already decided four nights in Budapest. We are not too interested in Munich because most of us have been there so minimum time probably two nights. I would like some green space and peace somewhere in Salzburg or around there. None of us have seen Vienna either. We are planning on following the train route from Budapest to Munich. Please advise. My books must be on the slow train they have not arrived yet!

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We finished a one month independent trip in Sept. and loved Budapest and the other destinations. Take a bath in Budapest, fantastic experience. See the wealth of the Hapsburgs in Vienna, more spectacular than any we've seen in Europe. Hofburg, Schonnbrun, St. Stephen's and all. We took a train and spent 3 days in Durnstein, a lovely town amid vineyards in the Wachau region of Austria. Granted tour boats stop here daily, but the crowds are usually gone by 2:00. Very walkable/hiking area. A hike to the ruined castle and beyond was fun. We were able to take a convenient bus to the Melk Abby, returning on the far side of the river with an included pass for a short ferry ride back to Durnstein Short bus ride to Krems and took train to Salzburg. Cathedral, fortress, Mirabell gardens all great. Trip would not be complete without beer at Augustineer Brewery.. Many trips are available out of Salzburg, Sound of Music Tour way better than expected, also tours to Eagle's Nest. Train to Munich is fast and cheap, buy the Bayern ticket fromDB rather than OBB, way cheaper. You know Munich. We rocked Octoberfest and were ready for some mountains. Train to Garmisch-Partirkirchen and great scenery and hikes. Short train to Mittenwald, fun small village, great sights wonderful people. Flying out of Frankfurt we took Ricks' advice and stayed in Wurzburg ( less than two hours train, directly to airport in Frankfurt) Wurzburg was the most pleasant surprise in our travels in Europe. Rick gives it an O.K. in his book..we thought it much better. It had all the things we had seen in Europe's great cities; cathedrals, beautiful pedestrian bridge, a fabulous Residence, and a great fortress on the hill. Our dinner at the Burgerspital was the best of the trip, a steak as good as any at home..have a great trip, just don't eat too many dumplings! Hank. Novato, CA

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My personal taste would be to do it in the opposite order. Something like

Night 1,2. Munich
Night 3,4,5. Salzburg
Night 6,7,8 Vienna
Night 10 Gyor
Night 11,12,13,14 Budapest

Too funny because we are doing a tour in July landing in Munich for a day, going to Salzburg for two days, then to Vienna for three days and finishing in Budapest for seven days (main point of trip, going with my father so he can show my kids around Budapest since he is from there). I hear great things about Salzburg and Vienna so we are excited. I would have loved going to Prague as well, but there are only so many places we can go and I don't want to be on trains every day for hours at a time.