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Two days in Austria, but flying in and out of Munich

I'm traveling to Erl, Austria, to attend a performance on a Tuesday evening in mid-August. I'm flying into and out of Munich; I'll be arriving in Munich around 1pm on the Saturday prior, and flying back out the day after the performance (Wednesday). I've booked my Monday and Tuesday night hotels in Kufstein and Erl, so this means I'll be on the ground Saturday afternoon and evening, all day Sunday, and all day Monday, with no plans...yet!

Given those time constraints, what would you recommend that I do for Saturday evening, Sunday, and Monday? Here are the options I see:

  1. I could make Kufstein my home base for Saturday and Sunday nights as well as Monday and Tuesday, and I could see doing a day trip to either Innsbruck or Salzburg (or both?) from there, or just hanging out in Kufstein (is there much to do there?).
  2. I could stay in Salzburg Saturday and Sunday nights, using those days and part of Monday to explore Salzburg before taking the train to Kufstein Monday evening.
  3. I could take the train directly from Munich airport to Vienna on Saturday afternoon, giving me Sunday and part of Monday to wander Vienna before taking the train to Kufstein Monday evening.

Honestly, I would love to spend that time in Vienna since I am a huge classical music/opera fan, and that city is like Mecca to me! However, I'm concerned that the travel time to and from Vienna would eat up too much of my time. Hence the indecision. (For someone who's never been to either city, Salzburg seems like a consolation prize compared to Vienna!)

I'd love the input of those of you who've been there before. Thanks in advance!

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All the action will be taking place in Salzburg in August, and Vienna will be dead as far as top rated talent goes. The Vienna Philharmonic will be in Salzburg as well as the Opera. It's the Salzburg Festival.

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Hi Angela,

While I've never been to Vienna, I can't imagine thinking of Salzburg as a "consolation prize"! Salzburg is an absolute gem. Very easy to see on foot in a day or two. We've visited Salzburg on 5 trips so far and never get tired of it's charm. It's especially beautiful in the evening and at night. Add a side trip or two to the nearby Salzkammergut and/or Berchtesgaden area. You won't run out of things to see or do.


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Thank you both so much for the replies. I had no idea about the Salzburg Festival! I will definitely go with option 2, then.