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Trip to Hallstat - One day or two day

Hello, I will be travelling to Denmark to attend a conference from Aug 11-16. I will be flying to Vienna from Denmark and spend 2 days in Austria. I know 2 days is a very less time but I only have that much time. After that, I will be visiting a friend in Poland for 3 days.

The original plan was to spend a day in Vienna visiting only 2 or 3 main tourist spots in 1 day and spend one day in Hallstatt. But as I read more about Hallstatt and as many of our members here recommended a 2 day stay in Hallstatt, I am rethinking about my plans.
I read summer is the best time to visit Hallstatt. I am thinking of definitely going to World Heritage view from skywalk, Salt mines, old town and streets of Hallstatt and take a boat ride on the lake. Can someone please suggest if I should spend 2 days in Hallstatt and go to above locations without spending anytime in Vienna or should I stick to my original plan? Also, please suggest if I miss anything important.

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If I was going to go to Hallstatt again, I would try to make it for one late afternoon/evening/morning and then move on. Unless you've never seen a salt mine, its a place of beauty to be experienced, not so much a place to "do" things. Depending on where you are in Poland, the salt mine in Wieliczka is more interesting, IMO.

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Given what you want to see and to experience in and around Hallstatt, I would suggest to stay one night there.
Skip Vienna, i.e. take the (only) direct train from Vienna to Hallstatt (dep. 8:10am, arr. 11:50am) and go back the next day by the respective return train (dep. 6:04pm, arr. 9:50pm). Adjust your flights from Denmark and to Poland accordingly.

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Spend at least one night there. It's best in the early morning and late afternoon / early evening without the day trippers.