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Travelling to Austria

I will be traveling to Austria during Christmas time, and I have a few questions about the transport.

I have contacted the OBB customer services, and they replied me saying that there will be no Bus services on those paricular days from Salzburg Hbf to Hallstatt Lahn . Also, I have asked about the ferry services going from Hallstatt to Hallstatt station, which they told me there will be no ferry services at all.
I have seen their website saying both services supposed to run 365 days.
Are they not working because of Covid restrictions? Is that true, if not then why they are not working in march?

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Next Christmas is a long time from now. I wouldn't be concerned until early summer, maybe around May check again.

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I think there must be some confusion somewhere as this transportation is not just for tourists, but for locals too. Could you share a little more about the question you asked and the answer you received?

I just went on the website and I see there are many options for transportation from Salzburg to Hallstatt Lahn even tomorrow.

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The ferry between Hallstatt train station and Hallstatt town is synchronized with the train schedule, i.e. whenever a train departs/arrives the ferry will go both ways.

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I will be traveling to Austria this July for a scientific conference, and I am going to make a trip of it. The conference is in Vienna, so I will be there about a week, but I have six days after that before I have to catch my return flight to the States (from Vienna, also). My current plan is to stay also in Salzburg and Graz, and from there take short day trips.

I'm a quiet soul, looking for museums and sites of historical significance, natural beauty, etc. Not going there to party so much. I speak very basic German and am frantically trying to improve that before departing. I've found, of course, the usual tourist websites, but I am wondering if there are any little-known sites accessible to those three cities you would recommend.

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