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Traveling alone and looking for what to expect

Hello! My husband is traveling to Europe ahead of me as he has meetings. I am traveling as follows: Chicago through Warsaw through Vienna to Salzburg. I have one and a half hours at the Warsaw airport and 45 minutes at the Vienna Airport. My flights are all on one ticket. Do I have enough time to clear immigration/customs/passport in each instance? Thank you for your help. Signed, A Nervous Nelly.

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It's reassuring that all the flights are on one ticket. How many airlines and which ones, please? If worst comes to worst, Vienna and Salzburg have plenty of trains between them. I went back to Salzburg to get something I forgot at the hotel.

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Thank you Mrs. EB and Tim! My bags will be checked all the way through and there is one more flight to Salzburg after the one on which I'm booked. I fly LOT from Chicago to Warsaw and Austrian Air for the other two flights. My husband will have the Eurorail pass with him. Will I need a pass should I need to use the train option?

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Keep in mind that the airline sold you that journey in the full knowledge of a tight connection. It is their responsibility to fulfill it. In case the last part of the journey can't be made, they are obliged to give you a reasonable alternative given the circumstances. Doing the last leg by train might be such a reasonable alternative you are entitled to. Don't do anything on your own.

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Dear Nervous,
I think all will be fine.

Just keep your wits about you when you deplane and get yourself directly to your departure gates.
Have a great trip!

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As the others have mentioned, you'll clear Passport control and get a Schengen entry stamp in Warsaw. You won't have to do that again in Vienna. You'll receive another Schengen stamp when you leave.

Assuming your flight from Warsaw to Vienna is on time, you should be able to connect with the flight to Salzburg. I've never travelled that particular route, but as both of the latter flights are with Austrian Airlines, it's likely the arrival and departure gates will be close together.

Luggage handling has improved a lot in the last few years, so it's likely your checked luggage will be waiting for you in Salzburg. If not, it's the airlines responsibility to get it to you. You might want to leave your E-mail address or other contact information with the airline, or on your luggage tag. Are you travelling with a cell phone? In addition to items for the trip, I find that it's a good idea to pack some essentials (toothbrush, underwear, socks) in my carry-on, as that way I can manage for a day or two if my checked luggage is misplaced.

Enjoy your trip!

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I want to reiterate something that was brought up.

If for some reason your Austrian flight from Warsaw to Vienna is late and you miss the connection to Salzburg, Austrian Air is obligated, by law, to get you on the next available flight. DO NOTHING ON YOUR OWN. If you do, the remainder of your reservation--your return flight--will be cancelled.

And even if you have to take "alternate" transportation to Salzburg, let the airline take care of it. By law they are responsible, must pay for the ticket, offer you food vouchers and hotel vouchers if needed, and even compensate you if you are delayed more than a few hours. European travel laws are much stricter than in the U.S.

So, it pays to let them take care of it.

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Should you miss the flight to Salzburg, take the RailJet train to Salzburg. You will arrive earlier there than by waiting for the next flight.
There is a RailJet train to Salzburg every half an hour, departing directly from Vienna International Airport. The last train departs at 8:30pm.

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Please take note of what Frank II said. If you booked your flight as a round trip or open jaw flights, you risk having the rest of your flight reservations being canceled if you miss one segment.

As others have noted the airline is obligated to get you your destination if you miss a connection.

Relax and enjoy the trip.

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Thank you all so very much for easing my nervousness!!! I had never used this forum before and am so glad that I did. Your knowledge, experience, and kindness are very much appreciated!