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Travel from Salzburg to Rome on Christmas Day

We are in the planning stages of a trip to Europe around Christmas time. We are considering traveling from Salzburg to Rome by train or by air. Can anyone tell me if the trains run a normal schedule on Christmas Day along this route?



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I would start with The Man In Seat 61's website. It is incredibly comprehensive and you can look up information on every train company and route in Europe. Lots of trains either don't run at all or are on VERY reduced schedules on Christmas Day in Europe since most everyone is at home or spending time with family and friends. You will also have the issue of getting to and from the station - taxis are available but usually at surge prices. The trains running from FCO in Rome will also be on a reduced schedule. Doing anything on Christmas Day in Europe, except staying-put wherever you are, is usually not a great idea.

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The only direct train between Salzburg and Rome is a night train and will be traveling on Xmas day; 11 hours travel time. It is too early to find daylight connections as we are well ahead of the big timetable change in December and schedules are still to be defined. They do not change very much but on Xmas day services are severely reduced so it may be connection times are longer. We are talking of a trip that, under the best non-festive circumstances, is 9 to 10 hours long with 2 or 3 changes.

Traveling by air means an indirect route (with a probable transfer in Wien), as Salzburg airport has not many services. You may find better options flying from Munich, but leave time for the transfer from Salzburg that, on Xmas day, is not going to be very fast.

Summarizing: it is a slow connection that on Xmas day is likely to be possible, but still slower.