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Trains in Austria

Hi. Looking into booking train tickets, and I see that "Make a Reservation" is a separate option with an added fee. If we pre-purchase tickets but don't make a reservation, are we not guaranteed seats? Do we need to make a reservation in advance?

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Buying a ticket on-line without the reservation means you may board but does not gives you an assigned, ie reserved seat. If you want a reserved seat, that has to be indicated as well when purchasing the ticket, esp the discount tickets. Keep in mind that the regional trains in Austria do not offer reserved tickets. You just board, if you a find an empty seat, take it. If not, you stand.

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Great, that answers my question. Thank you for the help, Fred!

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Seat reservations are mostly recommended if you are travelling at busy times on long-distance services eg summer weekends. You may also want to make them if you are travelling as a group of three or more people and want to be guaranteed seats together.