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Train travel from Vienna to Innsbruck.

I am going to be traveling to Innsbruck, Austria on Friday, Sept 4 from Vienna. Is Vienna's new Hauptbahnhof station open and if so does it service transport to Innsbruck. Or would I still be using the Wesbahnhof? Do I buy a ticket for the train and a ticket for the seat on the train. Thanks!

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A few of the RailJet trains stop at Wien Hbf if they are coming from Budapest. Still, the trains sit on the platform at Westbahnhof for 18 minutes, so there is a 42 minute gap from departure from Hbf to departure from West. All the others originate at Westbahnhof.
Reservations are optional, so if you want a particular seat, you can add on the reservation fee.

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Despite the name, Vienna's Hauptbahnhof isn't any more convenient in location to the historic core of the city than Westbahnhof. You may as well just catch the train at Westbahnhof. A better name than "Hauptbahnhof" would be "Südbahnhof".

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Which station are you closer to? Westbahnhof or Wien Hauptbahnhof? If closer to Westbahnhof, catch the train there. No need to go Hauptbahnhof, which is operating, huge, and an interesting place to explore. Since I was in the immediate area, I checked out this new, huge station this time.