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Train from Vienna to Budapest

Can someone help me figure out how to purchase a train ticket from Vienna to Budapest?

How far in advance are tickets available for online purchase?
We would like to travel from Vienna to Budapest on Friday June 5.
I have read thru info on

It appears we have 2 good choices- an 8:10 EC that arrives at Keleti or 9:10 EC that arrives at Kelenfold. I think the Keleti arrival would work best for us- we are staying near Opera House in Budapest and our time in Budapest is short enough already- would like to get there as early as we can handle that morning! (But 7:12 Railjet seems too early to me!)

What is the difference between RJ or EC?

Do I purchase on or

Once purchased do I still need to pick up tickets at station in Vienna or will I receive an email confirmation/ticket?

Thanks for any help.

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RailJet is Austria's newer, faster set of trains, meant to be an upgrade over InterCity and EuroCity. Buy the ticket through oebb, which is the operator of the train, if you're committed to that date and time. It should offer a print-at-home option, but do confirm that before payment. The DB web site does not sell tickets for this route (only tickets that touch Germany or Salzburg).

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Thanks Laura-
We are firm with our dates so that is not an issue.

The OEBB site only shows the 7:10 RJ train available for purchase-next available is 10:12.
And it does indicate Home Printing Not Possible- so if I purchase that then I guess I have to pick it up at station-

None of the EC trains are available for purchase. Is it just too early to purchase? (more than 90 days out) or could they be sold out or are they just not avail for advanced purchase ever?

Sorry for all the questions I thought it would be a simple matter ;)

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I purchased my ticket for Vienna to Budapest on the OBB site on March 10 for a July 16th train (in 2014) so it does look like you can purchase more than 90 days in advance (must be at least 120 days). At least you could last year, I wouldn't think that would change. I couldn't print the ticket but they give me a collection code to pick it up at the station, no problem.

Edit: my train was a Railjet.

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Thank you Ray and Nancy-

Not worried about printing at station- but would really prefer the 8:10 or 9:10 EC- traveling with 27 yr old daughter and it is meant to be a bit of a vacation!
We are vacationing together for 2 weeks- then she stays in Europe another 6 weeks- working.

I fiddled around with dates and it appears you can only purchase the EC train at 90 days out.
I'll tackle this again on Sat 3/7.
I've also just read the threads about problems with credit cards on OEBB site. Hope mine works.

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Ha! Yes that 10:00 train is much more appealing to me- we only have 3 nights in Budapest so I was trying to get there early on Friday- we fly out early Mon am- but I may need to head over to Budapest forum and get some advice on what can be skipped!

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Ignore RJ vs IC and instead look at travel time. I assume it has something to do with the Hungarian tracks but RJ is not always the faster. Kelenfold is great, but Keleti will be a little easier to reach your accommodations by.

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Of course I stay near the Opera and I would call a taxi to make dealing with the luggage easier no matter what station I got off at. Maybe 3000 ft from Keleti or 4000ft from Kelenfold if you call a reputable company like CITY TAXI or FOTAXI.

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i purchase my tickets from (OBB) prague-vienna; vienna-budapest back in May for august 2015 trip
it did not have any restrictions.

only situation is the vienna-budapest trip, the tickets can only be picked up at train station via kiosk or at ticket counter.
while the prague-vienna leg, they provided me with their e-ticket.

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Thanks borton- we have already returned from our trip! I did purchase the discounted tix on OBB website no problems and picked them up at kiosk at station. All went smoothly and it was a very interesting (to say the least!) ride from Vienna to Budapest.