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Train from Salzburg to Luzern--purchase now for Dec 31st?

Do I need to purchase these tickets now? I was reading that usually this is not necessary, but because it is near a holiday, perhaps I should?
I think I should take Salzburg to Zurich, then Zurich to Luzern as I do not think there is a direct one to Luzern, from what I see on the SBB website. Am I correct?

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The earlier you buy them, the cheaper they will be. You’ve probably already missed the best fares as you’ve waited quite late and your travel is during a busy time.

Only buy tickets from

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It is not necessary because there are always tickets available. You can just walk to the station on the 31st, buy a ticket and get on the next train. Trains are mass transit and if tickets would actually sell out they would be useless. The locals would not accept it...

However without a reservation you may find yourself standing part or all of the way but that is not very likely though.
And buying in advance is often cheaper. However discounted tickets are not flexible, whereas standard tickets are.

Whatever: Follow the golden rule: Buy from the national railway company of the country where the trip starts. So here you buy from, and you can buy a through ticket from Salzburg to Luzern, with just one easy change in Zurich. Don't worry to much about that transfer. Trains run from Zurich to Luzern every half hour, and if you were to miss a connection you just take the next one...

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I need to update my post. I said that it is going to be unlikely that there would not be any free seats, but overlooked that the 31st is a Saturday. Saturdays in winter are heavy travel days, and the Arlberg route does server a few skiing resorts. I would expect the train to be quite full at least till st. Anton.