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Taking the train from Wien to Salzburg

Can anyone give me some additional information on the private Westbahn train from Wien to Salzburg?
Does it leave from the Westbahnhof and does it use the same cars as the OBB and what gates does it use?
Thanks in advance

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The Westbahn train does leave from Westbahnhof to Salzburg. From Westbahnhof you can take either OBB or Westbahn trains depending on the departure time. Westbahn also accepts the Eurail Pass. That was not the case previously, only OBB did.

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Susan - Westbahn is an excellent option for travelling this route, as it seems you have already discovered. It is worth emphasizing that tickets for Westbahn can be purchased on the train from the conductor. The price of 25 Euro is the same whether you buy them on the train or at the ticket window or in advance. There are specials, however, from time to time and these can be purchased from tabak shops primarily. There are also coupons currently on the westbahn site for 50% off if you travel early morning.

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Westbahn is my favorite way to get to Salzburg from Vienna. We've used that train many times. Just look at the departure board at Westbahnhof for the next train/platform and get on. Pay the jeans-wearing conductor (cash or CC) while on board. Very easy.