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My husband & I have booked to fly to Geneva 9th sept 5 or6 days move onto austria the same time germany may be3 days onto France flying from Paris to Manchester 28th sept we have our flexi pass 2mths 10day 4 countries but now I would love to have your hilights on these countries , we are in our mid 70s basically fit but hikes & long walks are not really good for my tricky back but I would like to be on Jungfrau & be on lake rivers [Danube Rhine music in Vienna, horses] I would love to visit Lake Coma [know thats not on our pass][is there a way we can do a off shoot pay [how much ] to may be spend the night in St Moritz] & back on route to Austria , alot to ask & alot to do in 3 weeks but need to know which way to full fill our time to the fullest & keep it in our 'budget' we are booked in Lausanne at hostel [I am not sure about share bathroom as i do' frequent may times 'during night We have train map [not sure that is as clear as I would like ,also I have the train schedule on the way .!!!!

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OK, we're in final planning stage. It sounds like you will be doing a fair amount of traveling, more than 10 days. You can save pass days when you get to Germany and can tour using cheap regional day passes. I hope you will be traveling very light. Lake Como is a possibility. Just keep in mind, you'll be pulling up stakes quite a bit.

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Do you have Rick Steves' Best of Europe guidebook? It covers the day-to-day details of most cities on your list. Train from St. Moritz via Tirano to Varenna can be covered by the railpass, but it's also a fairly cheap ticket to buy locally if you're running short of rail pass travel days.

How to Look Up Train Schedules Online gives you the DB train schedule link and tips for using it. The detailed view of any schedule will show you connection points and times. Allow plenty of time to connect to a reserved TGV, since you can't hop on a later one. Book the TGV seat reservation as soon as possible from Strasbourg to Paris (seat reservations cheaper than from Swiss cities) or from wherever you expect to connect to a TGV. TGV does restrict the number of rail pass travelers on each departure. I would also book a Paris hotel soon, to get one within your budget.

With a bath down the hall, I just throw a sweater or wrap over my nightgown. Middle of the night, you'll probably be the only one roaming the hallway.

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How did you get the train map and schedule? I have tried and I keep getting " not available". My husband and I are planning an intensive "hopefully by train" next mid August-Sept aand need all the help we can get!!!