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Spanish Riding School Event

One of my adult daughters participates in dressage jumping and loves everything horse. I have been to a million events and if I never smell manure again, I won't be disappointed. Nonetheless, we will be in Vienna in December and I want to take her to see a performance of the Spanish Riding School. Prices are all over the place including standing room. I don't want to be cheap, but the trip is costing a lot.

For those who have attended, give me your views on seating.

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We went to a morning practice that wasn’t very expensive. It lasted about 2 hours and you could come and go anytime. We stayed for about 45 minutes and saw maybe 4 horses with their trainers. It is held in the same building as the main shows, you sit in the same seats. No pictures, no talking!

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I had a seat along one of the long sides and didn't think it really offered a good view, as you have thick railing in front of you. I suspect you need to spring for the seats at the short end if you really want a good view.