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Solo travel male, differently abled

Hello my name is Rohit, aged 27 years and had sustained a traumatic brain injury in 2011 and i'm not wheel chair bound, but have certain restricting when walking.
I wish to travel alone to Austria, Europe next year and visit Salzburg, Vienna and graz.
Suggest where 1.where shall I land? 2. my first destination? 3. where shall I stay (affordable accommodation?)
4. I wish to travel by train, my destinations by number and from where shall I fly back to India? 5. I'm not planning a very expensive trip so please consider that before that suggesting.
What all places I must visit in all destinations?
Common language spoken in these places.
Thank you.

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Hello, it would help to know how many nights you have in Austria befor deciding on an itinerary.

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Thanks a lot for the information.
I would be planning trip in June, 2018.
Where do you suggest I shall land and thereone move around via euro rail or bus (which ever is cheaper).
I would love to stay in hostel or domitory as I aim to spend least on hotelsl. More on exploring.
I aim to stay atleast 4-5 days at each destination.
Does graz has has any stuff to do like any tourist location (I heard it is a students hub) or shall I drop it. If so where else can I visit but Australia only and accessible by train(intercity).

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There are excellent trains connections between Vienna and Graz (hourly railjets) and several direct trains from Graz to Salzburg (EC every other hour). No need to take a bus if you don't want to.

It might save you some travel time if you fly into Munich, go from there to Graz then Vienna and fly out of Vienna.

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Hello Rohit,
All the places you list are accessible by train. Train is faster, more comfortable and more frequent than buses. The Austrian railway company is ÖBB.
ÖBB = Österreichische Bundesbahnen = Austrian Federal Railways
You can look up train times and prices from anywhere to anywhere in Austria on that website.
"euro rail" is a travel agent operating in North America reselling tickets, they do not operate any trains. you cannot "move around via euro rail", you need to use ÖBB. I recommend, if you can afford it, to use trains instead of buses.

You can fly in to Vienna airport. An alternative, if you cannot get a flight direct to Vienna, is to fly into Munich. It is easy to get from Munich airport by train to Salzburg or Innsbruck, and then to anywhere in Austria by train.

In Austria they speak German. Most people in the hotels or at main railway stations will speak basic English.
Austria, and all the countries surrounding it, are part of the "Schengen Area". There are no border controls between Schengen Area countries. You can freely travel from one country to another.

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Please suggest me a place (outside Asia) for solo travel with pleasent temprature, differently abled friendly country.
Suggest a country not crowded but not having scarcity of people.
A country which not very expensive and connected by train, where I can enjoy and have great time.
I'm single male aged 27 and very much willing to travel and enjoy.
English speaking friendly country.

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Canada In the summertime or early autumn.

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Rohit, what was wrong with Austria? Beautiful country. Vienna, is a nice city with good transport. Easy to get to the mountains.

Or do you want a country where English is the main language?
Don't let the language stop you. In Europe, nobody expects tourists from other countries to speak their language, as long as the tourist doesn't expect everbody to speak his language. If you are polite you can get around easily with just a few phrases.

@Norma, nothing against Canada, but I think it fails two of Rohit's criteria "not having scarcity of people" and "connected by train".

@Rohit, are you looking for cities, lakes and mountains or what?
As you are from India, I guess hot weather (30°C +) will not put you off. So Italy in summer is a possibility. Or do you want somewhere cooler (15°-20°)?
Or perhaps you really want it "cool":

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I'm very much impressed by information you provided and willing to travel to Australia.
If I land in Australia from India what shall be my first destination and so on( (more comfortable travelling by train (inter-city)
I have little speech impediment, and that's why I was more comfortable with English.
How many days do you suggest i shall stay in each city of Australia.
what about Netherlands (does it train connectivity?)
and what is the time to travel (no to sunny neither too cold)?
In Australia I wish ti visit Vienna, Salzburg and another city you would suggest?
This is gonna be a one time trip and i wish to make best of it (in Australia).
What about Netherlands, would be a place to visit not ignoring my impediments?
Is Netherlands is also connected by train and where all can I visit there?
Common language?

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Rohit, I think you also have a little spelling problem. Australia and Austria are two very different places! ☺
Australia (Canberra, Sydney):
Austria (Vienna, Salzburg):

If you choose Austria, you can land first in Vienna, spend a few days there, then move on to SAlzburg then into the mountains.
The Netherlands also has a very good train network, but it is a avery different place, flat low-lying.
Another country with very good rail network and lots of mountains is Switzerland.

I suggest you need to read on the internet about all these places, and decide which ones are places you like to go.
You also need to calculate a budget, all these places will be a lot more expensive than India.
This is a lot of time you need to spend palnning, but the research will pay off and should be fun.

And, you do not need to restrict yourself to one country. You can easily visit two or three by train. There is no restriction on crossing borders.

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Hello, i've decided
I will fly to frankfurt, Germany, stay there for a week and from there what will be nearer by train Salzburg, Vienna by train? And spend there the rest of my vocation there.
Suggest me one more city to visit in Austria to conclude my vocation and fly back to India.
Reasonable, feasible siggestions.
Thank you.

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Frankfurt is not a city worth staying one week compared to Vienna and Sazburg.

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Rohit, you can look up train times for Germany, and buy advance purchase tickets, on the DB (German Railways) website:

I do not know why you have suddenly decided to fly into Frankfurt when you want to go to Austria. Frankfurt is the opposite side of Germany to Austria, but that is your decision.
There is a railway station at Frankfurt airport, you can get trains from there to anywhere in Germany.
There are two cities in Germany called Frankfurt: Frankfurt (Main) and Frankfurt (Oder), the larger one, with the airport, is Frankfurt (main), do not get them confused.

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I think Frankfurt was elected to fly into because it's a major gateway city from India and flights are bound to be less expensive. Plus, it's probably a direct flight. I get it. By the way, there is a lovely town just north of Frankfurt called Bad Homburg (Bad Homburg vor der Höhe) that is a very relaxing stop with lots of parkland and places to stop and sit/rest if you need it. Germany has an excellent public transport system. You can stop in Munich by train before proceeding to Austria.

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How bout Frankfurt,Germany first and then Netherlands.
I think, west of Germany is surrounded by France, Netherlands, luxumberg and Belgium.
Will it a be good choice, visiting Netherland later?and where all can I visit there?
I know language be an impediment their but i hear it is flat service, less population and good people.
Please fill me up more on Netherlands and what else can i see.

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Hello Rohit,

This is the forum for Austria. Should you want to know something about Germany, The Netherlands, etc. then you should post at the according place.

From your questions and responses I got the impression that you have not the slightest knowledge about Europe and its countries. You should read a travel guide about Europe first, then select a country for visiting, and then making plans for that visit.

What would you tell a guy who is asking for advice how to see everything in India in just two weeks? :-)

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I appreciate your suggestion and take sarcasm in fascinating maner.
I should have spent more hours exploring the the maps, rathar than google.
Thank you for being straight forward and not pitching else where.
In pure and delicate hindi-:

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Flying to Frankfurt is a better option, it offers you more choices for you. The one common language you'll hear in tourist areas and train stations if you have to go to for inquires is English, regardless in Frankfurt, Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, or the Netherlands. On that matter no concerns there. All good places to visit, well connected by trains, culturally and historically...Graz, Salzburg, Vienna and Frankfurt.