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Schoenbrunn Tours

Looking at pre booking my Palace tour tickets. It is showing two options...audioguide and an inperson guided tour. The difference in price is just a couple of Euros. Any thoughts on the pros and cons of each option? We are looking at the Classic plus ticket and spending the entire day at the Palace and grounds.

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Pro for a live guided tour: the ability to ask questions. Con: can't linger over anything you find particularly interesting; must proceed at the pace set by the guide.

Pro for audioguide: the ability to go as quickly or slowly as you wish. Stop for a break whenever you wish.

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I always opt for live tours. Never been disappointed. Big advantage -- you can ask questions and get an answer.

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I toured Schonbrunn in 2014 and did the audioguide as I like to move quickly through some parts and linger at others, and at that time it was very crowded inside so I was glad not to be stuck in a group. I became so captivated by Empress Elisabeth's (Sissi) story that I went back to Vienna and toured the Hofburg (hadn't originally planned to) as they had a special exhibit with many of her garments and personal belongings. It was my last day in Vienna and raining hard, so I didn't get to explore the grounds at Schonbrunn as I might have otherwise.

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I used the audio guide. It would have been great to have a tour guide but nothing was available during our late afternoon visit. We spent all afternoon and late into the evening there.

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When my friends and I visited Schoenbrunn in September 2019, we opted for the audio guide. We lost in the ability to ask questions to the guide, but we gained the flexibility of lingering in an area of interest longer or cutting short an area where we didn't have much interest. We were happy with our choice.

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Different guided tours are offered at Schoenbrunn. I did one so far in which the focus was on the Empress Sisi, an in person guided tour.

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I took a guided tour and made friends with a group of Brits around my age celebrating a “girls” weekend. What a wonderful sense of humor they had. We may have been a bit disruptive since we laughed a lot.