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Salzburg/Halstatt, Cesky Krumlov/Prague

Need some help deciding how to allot 8 nights to the above locations.
We will have spent 12 nights in Germany previous to these 8 nights- will arrive in Salzburg via train from Munich

My plan now is:

2 nights Salzburg- arriving by 11 AM- 1.5 days to tour the sights-
1 night Halstatt- via bus arriving about noon, leaving next day 9 AM via shuttle to CK
1 night CK- arriving noon- leave next day about 3 PM via shuttle to Prague
4 nights Prague- arriving 6 PM- 3 full days to tour the sights

From Prague we fly to Amsterdam for 3 nights.

A day trip to Halstatt via bus or train looks extremely time consuming. Should we consider renting a car for the day to expedite the trip - we’d miss the boat ride across lake to Halstatt though.

Should we consider something like SoM/Halstatt all day tour with Bob’s Tours? There are a lot of less than stellar reviews of that tour and we don't relish the idea of listening to SoM soundtrack all day long!

I guess my question really is this— is Halstatt worth the time it takes to get there? It looks gorgeous and it seems like a nice spot to just chill for a day.

I am not crazy about the two 1 night stays but those would be the only 1 night stays we have in our whole trip.

Would it be better to stay 3 nights in Salzburg and plan to take a day trip via public transportation to Berchtesgaden or Wolfgangsee instead-weather permitting/decide that day?

As you can see- I am really stuck on this part of our itinerary- I would welcome any advice!

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Hi Christine, I think Hallstatt is absolutely worth the effort.... the memory of spending a few days there was unforgettable! I didn't even take the boat ride in as I arrived by car (shuttle) as well. I would advise not missing it if possible!
I have also done Bob's SOM tour (with my husband and mother) and everyone LOVED it. It was a good way to see Salzburg but also the beautiful Austrian countryside nearby that is tough to get to by public transport otherwise. Of course there was a bit off SOM songs so if you don't like the movie or the songs, it may not be a good fit, but my husband hadn't even seen the movie and he enjoyed it.

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Both CK and Hallstatt are wonderful european villages. I enjoyed them very much. Realize that both are relaxing type visits. U would be there for the beauty, calm, stroll. If the weather is poor i would skip the visit this time. The hole idea i tomslow down and stroll and enjoy how picturesque they are.

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Halstatt is extremely picturesque but absolutely crawling with tourists during the day. That's the only reason to spend the night since the crowds start to dwindle around 4. If you go just for a day then you can easily see the town in a couple of hours - more if you want to go out on the lake...there are many options for this from renting a boat for an hour or going on a longer cruise.
If it were me, I'd add a night to Salzburg and rent a car down to Hallstatt (about a 40 minute drive depending on traffic), go in the afternoon and stay into early evening for dinner when the crowds thin out - the light at that time of day is beautiful. It's an easy drive down along beautiful lakes and there is plenty of parking in Halstatt. Driving back into Salzburg after dark is not an issue...there is little traffic and the streets are quite easy to navigate especially if you have good GPS. I drove all over Salzburg this summer and it was no problem - easy parking there too!
I think that one night in Cesky Krumlov is about right...enough time to see the sights on the top of the hill, walk and shop the town, and go rafting or canoeing on the river if you want.

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Thanks all for your input.

I am still undecided- juggled itinerary a bit and added another night so Halstatt overnight stay is still an option though we may just add that extra night to Salzburg giving Salzburg 3 or 4 nights and plan for 2 day trips instead- 1 to Halstatt, 1 to Berchtesgaden.
I have plenty of time to decide- trip is May 2016.