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Salzburg concert selection.

I am looking at two concerts in Salzburg. One is in Mirabell and the other in the Fortress. Both look good but we can only do one. Recommendations?

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What are the music programs? To me, the music is more important than the venue.

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Both sites use good musicians. It's a matter of preference of venue and program. I like fortresses more than palaces and enjoyed a performance at the fortress. The Mozarteum also offers a number of performances.

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We absolutely loved the Fortress Concert that we went to in 2019. The setting is intimate and beautiful, and the musicians were outstanding. We got Category 1 tickets for a Mozart Strauss concert in the Golden Hall which included free entry into the fortress and free funicular from 1 hour before the concert. We will always remember this concert. It was worth flying across an ocean for!

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The two things I look for are the exact name of the ensemble and the precise location. Secondarily, the program content and the length of the entire concert. For example, it might be hard to hear an entire PIano Concerto or the entire "Moldau". A lot of cities, including Salzburg and Prague (to pick two places Mozart worked) have a vast number of "tourist concerts."

We were lucky enough to find a concert by a group associated with the Salzburg Mozarteum. I honestly forget if it was students or professionals, but they were very, very good. They looked old enough to be professionals, and the Mozarteum has no need to run a "community concert" series! The venue was the "Marmoreansaale", which turned out to be a magnificent Baroque marble-slab interior. Maybe a little too "live" compared to wood paneling, but it was a "room" not a big "concert hall", so the small volume meant the reverberations weren't so bad.