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Salzburg Christmas Market

I will be in Salzburg on Dec. 5 and 6 in Salzburg. Some questions for those in the know, as I am planning my itinerary now (while it's 90 degrees outside ironically).

  1. Luckily, I will be there for the Krampus on Dec. 5. What time does it start, what time does it end, and where is the best place to be for it?

  2. Is it best to have dinner at the market, or go to a restaurant after the market? We are off to Vienna the morning after day two so we may just eat at the market on the second day. I assume it's mostly just sausages for the most part, but if we combine that with a pretzel and some sweets, I guess that would be enough.

  3. If we do eat out at dinner after the Krampus Run, does 8 PM sound like a good time to make a reservation? I want to make sure there's enough time to see the Krampus and hang out at the market for awhile. We're only there for two days as part of an 11 day Munich, Salzburg, Vienna trip so we want to make sure we experience the market enough at night. The days will be filled with non-market adventures.

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We did a trip to Christmas markets in 2014 which included a day trip to Salzburg for the market there (we have been multiple times so no need to see sights). The salzburg market was not one of the larger ones we visited. I would say an hour - 2 at the most would be plenty to see the whole thing. As far as eating - there are some wonderful restaurants in Salzburg. My favorite meal when there is the dinner / concert at St. Peter Siftskeller, but I think that starts earlier than 8. You are right that it's mostly sausages etc at the markets, but I found them to be quite good, and of course the lebkuchen is fantastic along with the many beverages to choose from!

Sorry I don't know anything about the Krampus Run so can't help there.

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  1. Dec 5 at 17:00. (5 pm) We got switched by the Krampus just outside the Cathedral.
  2. The markets are open from morning til night. There's more than enough time to experience the markets AND have a dinner at one of the many nice restaurants in the old town. Unless, of course, all you want to eat are sausages and pretzels. And lebkuchen. And Gluewein. And roasted chestnuts. And....
  3. You keep saying Market (singular). There are, in fact several Christmas Markets around town. But the one around the Cathedral and Residenzplatz is the largest.