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Salzburg - Christmas Eve onwards

We will be in Salzburg, arriving from Vienna by train and we will try to be in Salzburg by 2pm (tickets not bought yet). The christmas markets close by 3pm on the 24th so I wanted some suggestions. Is it worth going to Oberndorf for the Silent Night Chapel tour/outing or are there specific events on 24th evening that we should look into. I assume there will be some restaurants that will remain open for an early dinner. We plan to spend the 25th walking around town and visiting the Christmas Market, we have a Sound of Music tour on the 26th and we will be in Salzburg on the 27th as well before heading to Berlin on the 28th.

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Are you sure the Christmas markets will be there on the 25th? Our experience with the German Christmas markets is that they started closing and moving by mid-afternoon on the 24th and were completely gone on the 25th. We were kind of surprise at how quickly the markets closed and disappeared. Don't know if that pattern spills over to Austria.