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Salzburg Castle

Does anyone have advice for castle stays near Salzburg? I've looked everywhere and booked Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron as a historical site, but want something more traditional (ie Scottish, medieval, or renaissance style). I understand those aren't indigenous to that area, but I feel like there's still a few out there and it should be easier to find?! A local castle on a vineyard was fully booked in late September. We have a car, so transportation isn't an issue either. I'm not asking for Neuschwanstein level - anything in the above styles will do.
1. budget: <$350/night, 3 nights 9/20-9/23 (one spot - simplifying packing!)
2. room service
3. vineyard is a huge plus

We're all open ears here, so any help is much appreciated!

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I've never heard of a Scottish castle outside of Scotland. But no vineyards in Scotland.

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Lola, it's beautiful. Is there any reasonable way to get there without a car?

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Lola: Omg, that's absolutely beautiful?! How'd you find that?! Booking now...

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The Schloss Fuschl has a lot of videos about it online, it's definitely a destination location. I looked at it briefly but it's a bit too far out of town. It pops up on Flyertalk and Trip Advisor, aimed more at the moneyed classes and companies that want to write off ... I mean host, a business meeting.

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Pat, unfortunately I do not know how to get there, with or without a car. I just found these by googling “Schlosshotel Oesterreich” (the term for this type of hotel in German) and finding some names, then finding the hotel’s website.