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Salzburg.. Bob’s tours

Has anyone used Bob’s tours to go to Berchtesgaden to Hitler’s Eagles Nest. It comes recommended in RS tour book. What did you think?

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I took the Eagle's Nest tour on a My Way Alpine Tour. I used Bob's Tours, they were very disorganized as the driver was trying to accommodate other individuals in the van that had signed up for tours other than the Eagles Nest tour. There were 9 of us in the van, but only 5 were doing the Eagles Nest tour. The tour driver rushed us through the Eagles Nest as she had to get back to the people on other tours. There was no time spent at the Documentation Center. The Eagles Nest was interesting but hurried with our driver's other obligations and no effort on her part to be a tour guide. A supposedly 1/2 day tour ended up being about 7 hours with a lot of time spent driving.
Other members of our RS tour took the Eagles Nest Bob's Tour the next day with a different driver and had a very detailed tour of the Eagles Nest including Eva Braun's bedroom. I guess it is hit or miss with Bob's Tours but they don't get my recommendation.
My tour companion took the Bob's SOM tour. She was expecting a small van tour but only a few people booked the tour so Bob's took them to a spot where they met a big bus tour and they were put on the big bus tour.
If you want a true Eagles Nest tour take the one that leaves from Berchestgaden. They also include the Documentation Center.

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I've taken the Bob's Special Tours to Berchtesgaden, which included the Dokumentation Centre & Bunkers but not the Eagle's Nest. If you're specifically interested in the Eagle's Nest and Dokumentation Centre, I would highly recommend Eagles Nest Historical Tours.

One of the easiest ways to get from Salzburg to Berchtesgaden is the DB Bus, which has a travel time of 49 minutes.

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I can’t speak to Bob’s Eagle’s Nest tours but the SOM one was fine. I just wanted to echo the others. If you really want to do the Eagle’s Nest via tour, I’d book the Historical Tours one RS recommends that leaves from the TI. I am not a guided tour person generally but I found it was well worth the money. It’s really well done and gave me so much more appreciation for the area from its historic perspective and particularly the thought behind the engineering at each site. It’s such a beautiful place juxtaposed against such an evil history.

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We did Bob’s SOM tour in December. We were the only two on the tour, but spent way too much time in van and the stops we made were rushed, a lot of drive bys. Waste of money

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You guys are making me glad I’ve chosen to to the Fraulein Maria SOM tour on bike. I was vacillating back and forth between the two for awhile. But I booked Fraulein Maria last week.

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We did a Bob's SOM tour and enjoyed it very much. Hubby and I were in a van with 4 others plus the driver/guide. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

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I just booked a SOM and Hallstatt tour with Bob's tours. I am looking forward to it. You made me feel a little better with your post.


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Margaret, I hope you enjoy your tour. On the SOM stops in Salzburg we saw some big buses and I was so happy we weren't on one. It was nice to be able to talk to the driver/guide and ask questions. We went to Hallstatt on our own on that trip. We were there in late May and it wasn't very crowded.