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River Boat Cruise

What is the best River Boat Cruise within Austria? Looking for one that is 7 days or less. I know of Viking, but if there are any better companies I am all ears.

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There are no river cruises just within Austria.

Most river cruises along the Danube start in Germany or The Netherlands and go to Budapest, some further to the Black Sea. Austria is just a small fraction of such a trip. There are only two parts of the Danube in Austria which are scenic: One not long after the border to Germany, namely the Schlögener Schlinge (horseshoe bend), and second, the Wachau valley, a stretch of about 20 miles.

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River boat cruise is about the least scenic way to see Austria. Plus, it takes possibly just over a day to cruise the Danube from Passau to Vienna.

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There are lots of river cruises that cruise the Danube besides Viking. I suggest you go to and look under “boards” for river cruises. I have cruised with Uniworld, Grand Circle and Gate 1.