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Risk Heathrow or Linger in Madrid?

We want to go to Austria in January of 2022 (we don't want to go during high season and January best fits work schedules, plus we would be spending all of our time inside at museums anyway). I also want to use frequent flier miles on American.

As of right now, the options are to go through Heathrow with a pretty good connection, or go through Madrid with long layovers coming and going. In fact, the layover on the way back is so long we'll need to get a hotel room. Though if we can add a day in Madrid on the way back by pushing out our departure that would be okay.

I have already booked flights through Heathrow.

My concern about going through Heathrow is that Austria currently has a no landing restriction on UK flights. And the UK seems to be going in the wrong direction on covid right now. Of course, we also have to get to the point where Austria lets Americans in for tourism again.... But as of right now, travel from Spain to Austria is permitted.

My question for the community is: Should I change our booking to go through Madrid and deal with the layovers, or stick with Heathrow and risk not being able to go at all if Austria keeps the landing ban in place for the next 6 months?

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Since you've already booked I'd stand pat for now and observe how the situation unfolds over the next couple of months.

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I agree with KBK. Not only will you have more COVID-19 info, but there may well be additional flight options added.