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Restaurants with outdoor seating

Heading to Vienna next week and being as Covid-minded as possible while having a good time. (I got my first case of COVID in Spain in summer 2022. Do not want a repeat.) We're staying in the Museum quarter and hoping to find restaurants with good food and outdoor seating. Suggestions? Thanks!

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You are right to be mindful of COVID at the moment. 25% of the people who work in my office have it currently. You will see no mask wearing at all.

Which hotel?

For restaurants, you are lucky that the weather will continue to be warm and nearly every restaurant in the city has outdoor seating. You should know that sometimes the outdoor dining can be inside, in an inner courtyard called a Schanigarten. Be mindful, though, that smoking is allowed when dining outdoors.

There are a few particularly good restaurants near the MQ with special outdoor dining.

  1. Amerlingbeisl is a lovely place with a classic ivy-strewn interior courtyard. The food is excellent.
  2. Glacis Beisl is my go-to restaurant with just about the prettiest outdoor eating area in the city. The food is also excellent and the wine selection is notable.
  3. Ulrich is a strong neighborhood favorite and I love the food.
  4. Palmenhaus is my other go-to. Located in the Hofburg complex overlooking the Burggarten, the soups and cheese plates are always fantastic. Dining on the terrace in the later afternoon/evening is special.
  5. Motto am Fluss looks over the Danube Canal which is particularly pretty and lively at night. Food is again great. Not adjacent to your hotel's neighborhood, but a lovely walk to the other side of the First District.
  6. Il Sestante is an excellent pizza restaurant in just about the loveliest square in the entire city - stunning. Not far from you hotel - highly recommend.
  7. Zum Schwarzen Kameel is about as classic as you can get in Vienna. Right in the city center, this place pulsates with lunchtime work talk from locals.

I cannot forget to plug my absolute favorite ice cream place in Vienna, which is actually from Italian. La Romana has locations in many cities in Europe and it is just stunning ice cream. Go to there.

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Thank you Emily. Great suggestions!
We are staying at Boutiquehotel Das Tyrol for four nights. Vienna is our first European stop and then on to the Balkans
Husband and I plan on masking in airports and on planes on the journey from Arizona to Austria. That's a lot of hours but I am fairly certain I contracted Covid last year in the Lufthansa lounge in Munich, connecting to Madrid. That was the one crowded place I whipped off my mask and ate and drank.