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restaurants in hallstatt and salzburg

looking for recommendations for restaurants in both hallstatt and salzburg, thanks, nicholas

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On a very warm afternoon in Salzburg, we had a fabulous lunch at Zirklewirt on the deck. I believe our choices included spinach dumplings, spaetzle, and other local entrees. And I had one of the most refreshing cocktails ever. We were very happy to stumble upon this place. I seem to recall we also had a nice dinner at Alter Fuchs (if I remembered that name correctly). It is on the other side of the river from the old town.

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I second the recommendation for Alter Fuchs, we had a very nice lunch there.

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I don't pay attention to names or remember details, but pick one of the waterfront restaurants in Halstatt for your fish dinner. Very pleasant experience.

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In Salzburg, Augustiner Brewhouse.
I'll tell you where not to eat in Hallstatt, Derbl Cafe - packet soup and store-bought pizza of cardboard quality.

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I'll second the Bärenwirt as a recommendation in Salzburg. Famous for Backhendel (fried chicken), but has many local dishes. Huge Knödel served there too. Make reservations.