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Renting a car in Salzburg without a credit card

Hi. I am traveling to Salzburg from october 14 to October 17. I'm planning to rent a car but do not have a credit card but have a valid indian driver's license. Is it possible to rent a car without a credit card from any of the rental agencies? I'm planning day trips to eagles nest, hallstat, Berchtesgaden Village, kings lake, schafberg.

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I suggest you check with the rental companies. But in my experience, no credit card = no rental car. Many rental companies will not even accept a Debit Card for auto rentals. You can choose to pay at the end of the rental in cash if you have a credit card to secure the rental.

It will be the same answer in every country, so you didn't need to post the same question multiple times.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm carrying a friends credit card from back home. But I doubt they would accept it. I will give it a try.

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Credit card typically has to be in the driver's name, so it won't be easy, but worth a try I guess?

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And even if you can rent a car, you may need an international driver's license so check to see if Austria requires this.

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I really doubt you can rent a car without a credit card. And if it is possible, you would likely need to put down a huge damage deposit; otherwise they would not be able to recoup the cost if you should happen to damage the car.

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Maybe you should also check bus/ train/ organized tour methods of doing your day trips. Many people do all their sightseeing without renting a car.

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In case you want really to drive in Austria you will need an IDP (International Driver's Permit).

I strongly suggest using public transort which is everywhere available, safe and easy to use.

In Austria it is illegal to use somebody else's credit card.

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I believe you WILL need a valid credit card to rent a car just about anywhere. Using a friend's credit card could be considered fraud, so probably not a good idea.

You WILL need an International Driver's Permit for driving in Austria. The rental company may not even rent a vehicle without it. An IDP is not a license, so must be used in conjunction with your home D.L. AFAIK you can only obtain IDP's in your home country and not when you're travelling.