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Random wine glass question

This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but what the heck...

As many of you know, glasses of wine are commonly ordered in "achtel" (1/8 liter) or "viertel" (1/4 liter) sizes in Austria.

When we were last there, I noticed a few places serving wine in glasses that actually had achtel and viertel markings on them. They would simply pour to the correct marking. I'm kicking myself for not trying to buy a couple from one of them. It was only later that I realized they would make for cool and unusual souvenirs--something to pour some Gruner Veltliner in and reminisce about our trip!

So does anyone know where I could buy some of these and have them shipped to me in the states? I've checked the German versions of eBay and Amazon, but no luck.


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which Rick Steves representative lady do you mean? All of us here are volunteers, not employees. Rick doesn't have reps in various cities around the world.

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Jeff I think I may have seen glasses like that at Function Junction once upon a time. My understanding was that it was legal requirement in Austria that restaurants use these.

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I know it would not be quite the same as finding them in Austria and having them shipped to you, but you could purchase some nice glasses that look similar to what you saw and have a local jeweler etch or engrave the markings on them for you. Obviously, you'd need to pre-measure and probably put a piece of tape on each where you want the measure marks to be made, along with the wording.

Since you are here in Nashville, you might want to call Mary Pat (her family owns) at Draper's Jewelers on Granny White near Lipscomb. They do very nice work and are reasonably priced. Likely you could find the actual glasses there, too, or they could order something you might like.

If you took a photo of one of the glasses while at a restaurant, that would probably be helpful, too.

But, even if not totally authentic, no doubt, using them would bring a smile to your face and memories of the trip, along with conversation starters among guests. And, you might be able to have your own 'knock offs' made for less than the shipping costs alone from Austria (and we won't tell a soul they are knock-offs).

Or, if you remember the restaurants that used the glasses, you could always email/call to find out from where they purchased them. Or, if you stayed in a locally-owned hotel/inn while in Austria, you could always ask them for guidance.

Good luck. If like most things, once you find them, then a year later you will start seeing them in all the high-end catalogs :)

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Thanks for all the replies so far! Haven't had much luck with the online stores. Best bet might actually be to get in touch with one of the restaurants.