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Public Transportation: Innsbruck to Fussen

We are wanting to see King Ludwig's castles while also experiencing the beauty of the Bavarian Alps and the small towns that surround them. Reading Rick Steve's books, we are leaning toward traveling to Innsbruck from Salzburg (to see the town and Alps) and then to Fussen to experience the castles. From there, we would end our trip in Munich.

I am struggling in finding options to get from Innsbruck to Fussen without our own car, though. Some sites allude to buses taking the trip (i.e., 160x and 4258), but not all confirm it. I also am struggling to find out if this would be a bus trip that might be difficult for someone who gets car sick. Finally, I don't want us to travel all the way to Munich back down to Fussen...

Long story short, anyone been to one or both towns and have recommendations on whether to visit both and/or how you got to the two locations?

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4696 posts for rail schedules. It takes 3-5 hours by public transportation to get from Innsbruck to Fuessen.

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The fastest train-only connection from Innsbruck to Füssen is about 4 hours with one or two changes, and it is in fact Innsbruck to Munich to Füssen.

The bus connections are somewhat faster. The OeBB website shows them, too.

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Have you considered renting a car for a day? It's only a 70 mile drive from Innsbruck. The roads in the area are very well paved, and it's not at all difficult driving.

I would find navigating trains and buses to be more difficult. The area buses often stop at every cow path along the way.

After we took a detour to Neuschwanstein, we came away disappointed. There are other day trips in Tirol that we would find more interesting.