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Prescription drugs

My daughter will be getting her masters in Vienna starting in Sept 2021 and she takes two meds for her ADD that are controlled substances (vyvanse and adderall ). Has anyone else had luck getting these prescriptions filled at local pharmacies in Vienna or Austria in general?
Thank you in advance!

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It is my understanding from 15 year old prior experience, is that she will need the prescription from her doctor and the generic names of the drugs to take to a local doctor who will write the prescription for her. The pharmacy will not fulfill a foreign prescription. The school should help her with that and perhaps have a doctor on staff for that purpose. She will not be the first to have that need.

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Agree with Frank, do not try to take a years supply with you because it may cause a problem at immigration\customs. I would e-mail the school with the situation and I would expect they could help with lining up a reputable local physician.

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Vyvanse and Adderall (or their local equivalents) are available in Austrian pharmacies if you have a proper Austrian prescription. In case of Adderall you need a special addictive drug's prescription, as it is categorized as a narcotic drug by law.

For obtaining foreign drugs normally not available in Austria you have to check at the International Pharmacy in Vienna:

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wmt1 is spot on.

I suggest that your daughter joins the Women in Vienna and the Americans in Austria groups on Facebook for good, on-the-ground info.