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Pile Dwellings - Salzkammergut area


I've read about some prehistoric "pile dwellings" in/around the lakes of the alps. There are recorded pile dwellings in several places in northern Italy and Austria (where we'll be). See link below, but some of the lakes in the Salzkammergut area are listed as having these sites - Mondsee, Attersee.

Is anyone familiar with any of these? Are they "destinations" - in the sense we could show up and see something? I have found there is a museum for one of these sights in Germany, I think. But we're not going to be near there, so I was looking around places we will be.



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We were at the Bodensee in Germany last summer and saw the extensively rebuilt Lake Dweller (Pfahbau) area at Unteruhldingen. I found these links that describe what is available at the 4 UNESCO sites in Austria.

The last link has a lot of detail about summer activities but it is in German. Perhaps with google translate, a friend's help or your own language skills you'll be able to see what is available and when if you are going to be in the region. It looks interesting, enjoy exploring!