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Has anyone visited the Lippizaner Stud Farm in Piber?

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No, but I want to next time we are in the area.

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Yes, I have been there twice. In November 1992, you could walk about anywhere on the farm and I don't recall any activities being offered for visitors, compared to the many events that are currently listed on the stud farm website. The highlight of that day was seeing about 50 pregnant mares getting their morning exercise walking around an oval dirt track in the mist. It made for a great photo. During our second visit in 2017, we walked through a few of the barns and saw some of the stallions as well as the mares with their foals. If you are a Lipizzaner fan and a horse lover, definitely plan to visit. Piber is in a beautiful area of Styria, and Graz would be a great home base. We also have seen the Lipizzaners in Vienna on several occasions, preferring the morning workout sessions, and took the stable tour the last time. I highly recommend that also. There also was a great show on PBS in 2013 (PBS Nature episode entitled "Legendary White Stallions").