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Phone number on page 190 of Pocket Vienna

Is there an updated phone number for Johann Lichtl for the number on page 190 of the Pocket Vienna

Number in book is 0676-670-6750 but does not connect

Thank you

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Perhaps a query to the RS office regarding current contact info?

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I assume he is in Austria? Did you start with +43 for the country code?

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Not *, " + " (You can get it on some phones by either hitting "0" twice or holding "0" down until it shows up.

So it should be:

+43 0676-670-6750

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the plus sign I believe only works on mobile/cell phones.

If you are calling Austria from a real phone from outside Austria you need the overseas dialing code which I believe in North America is 011. So 011 43 etc

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The number to be dialed is:

+43 676 670 6750 or
011 43 676 670 6750

(The 0 preceding the area code 676 is only to be used when being in Austria and omitting the country code 43.)

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The above is correct—-the initial “0” is removed when you add the country code.