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Only In Vienna/Wien Book

Hi Everyone:
An interesting and different book on Wien/Vienna is the Only in Vienna, Nur en Wein by Duncan JD Smith, famous travel writer who lives in Wien.
I have the original one and the updates. He updates it every year since Wien has so many and new interesting items, i.e, Third Man Museum, Klimt Villa, etc.
You can buy it on Amazon or at the Freytag store on the Kohlmart, or Frick or any bookstore in Wien.!
Enjoy the read!
Susan von

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Thanks for the information. I would be very interested in reading what the author has to say about Wien historically and culturally, his initial impressions upon arriving in the city and exploring it. what vibes he picked up, in comparing to Paris, London or even Berlin, any patterns of historic continuity in the life of the city, and what he views as pecularites.

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That book's part of a series that also covers a number of cities in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich...). They are very interesting, although sometimes the places mentioned are interesting to read about but not worth a long trip to see.