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So it looks like O'fest was cancelled last year because of a lease dispute. And it turned into some kind of carnival?

Anyone know what is up for this year? I guess my other general question is, does O'fest take over Austria and Vienna like it does Munich?

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In Vienna, it is not called Oktoberfest it is called Wiesnfest -

This is a relatively new thing in Vienna (less than 10 years) as Oktoberfest is really a Bavarian/Tirolian thing (which doesn't include Vienna). That said, the Viennese really love to dress up in their Tracht (traditional costumes), drink beer and dance to really bad Austrian music. I would say that it doesn't even come close to taking over Vienna - normal visitors likely wouldn't even know it was going on.

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thanks for the info, I am trying to take advantage of the Austrian Air nonstop that only runs until early October and then I realized it was O'fest time. Now I am not so concerned, although obviously flying out of Munich is not realistic.