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OBB train ticket booked online/Ticket printed no information on it

I am traveling from Zell am See to Innsbruck and purchased a train ticket via OBB site. I booked online and printed the ticket out, only to find the ticket issued has asterisk ( * ) symbols instead of words for the departure/arrival/ and train numbers. I received a confirmation number and everything looks good to go. Has anyone experienced this before? The ticket has a scan code for the conductor on the bottom right. I have other pages printed with all the important information such as time table but the actual ticket looks odd.

Also, there is stop and train change in Worgl Hbf to Innsbruck Hbf. I booked an S-bahn ticket. We only have 15 minutes to change trains from track 12 to track 4. Is this enough time?

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If Wörgl Hbf had 12 parallel tracks, I would not think it was a problem. Most of the time going between platforms is spent getting to the stairs, going down to the tunnel, going back up, and getting to your train. The stairs are not that far apart. 112 to 4 wouldn't take a lot more time than 6 to 4.

However, looking at the schedule board for Wörgl Hbf, there are a lot of trains on tracks 1 - 4 and some on track 5. Then there are occasional trains on tracks 11, 12, and 13. I don't think tracks 6-10 exist. I sometimes see such a numbering system when there is a mix of through and stub tracks. The tracks 11, 12, and 13 could be next to the station building.

In Mainz, for instance, most tracks go through the station. Track 1 is right next to the station. Track 11 is a stub track used by regional trains to Koblenz. It dead ends against the Mainz station building and shares the platform at that end with track 1.

The point is, it might not be very far to go, but it might not be where you expect it. Hopefully someone familiar with that station can give us more info. I've changed trains in Wörgl, but as I remember it was either same or cross platform.

Update: Here is a page with detail (zoom in) of the track plan (but no track numbers), but you can see that there are six through tracks (1-6) and three stub tracks. Track 12 will be at one end of the platform is shares with track 1. It looks like track 12 is one of two tracks coming in from the NE (upper right). That train must terminate in Wörgl.

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If you purchased a full fare/standard ticket (€30.60 per person), then the asterisks mean the ticket is good on any departure along that route. Presumably, it looked the same on your computer screen. Then, the timetable you requested would be just a suggestion.