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Need opinions and help on itinerary for austria

We will be traveling by car and will be coming from Murren in switzerland to Austria.

Would you base yourself in Salzburg or in Berchtesgaden? Is Salzburg good for a day trip or better to soak up the town over several days. We are not much on cities as we prefer the country side but Salzburg may very well be worth the exception as we like good food, good music, and historical walks. Not much on shopping.
Would you break up the drive from Murren (7 hours) into two days Or just power through? If so where is a good overnight besides innsbruck? Mittenwald?

We will have 8 nights and are considering the following itinerary. A farmhouse in Ramsau de Berchtesgaden 3 nights or Salzburg 3 nights -- Halstatt 2 nights -- St. Wolfgangsee 3 nights. What do you think? Is 3 nights on the wolfgangsee to long? St. Gilgan instead of St. Wofgang??

so here is my most pressing question
We will be flying out of Munich. Our flight leaves at 11:40am. Would you recommend leaving from the salzburg/wolfgangsee area on the morning of our flight or overnight close to the airport. I'm concerned about traffic to the airport/car drop off and checking in. Is traffic a big problem getting to the airport on a friday morning??

Any opinions on destinations in this area, where to stay, what to do are always welcome
Thanks so much

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Jay, I would stay in Salzburg vs Berchtesgaden. Its a beautiful city with a unique history. The fortress and old town are a great place to visit. Music and good food too. Berchtesgaden is worth a day trip. No experience with the airport question.

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Hi Jay,

You know we love the Berchtesgaden area, so that's my suggestion. As for the flight... Figure you need to be at the airport, which is about 30 to 40 minutes further out from the area's you listed, than Munich itself. We've stayed in Berchtesgaden area for our 3:20pm flights, but I don't think I would for an 11:40am flight. You'd need to be at the airport by 9am. Leaving for on Salzburg/Berchtesgaden means leaving around 6:30am, (make it an hour earlier from St. Gilgen) depending on the day of the week. I would assume there'll be more early morning "rush hour" traffic on a weekday. All this is considering pretty ideal conditions weather and traffic wise.

We can recommend staying in Erding, about 20 minutes from the airport. We stayed here once and thought it was the perfect place for our last night before flying home.


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I would recommend staying in Salzburg in the old town area. The streets are nice to wander through, and I think Salzburg is beautiful at night with fountains and the fortress lit. Staying in this area doesn't feel like you are staying in a big city. I would definitely go back to the Munich area the night before the flight with it being an 11:40 flight. You would have to leave to early to get there from the Salzburg area and would have too much risk for things to go wrong causing too much of a delay.

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Hi Jay,
I agree with Salzburg as a place to stay,plenty of dining options and things to see.We will be staying in St Wolfgang again this year on the lake, St Wolfgang has alot more activities than Halstatt from there you can visit St Gilgen,Hallstadt and Salt Mine,from there you can go to Dachstein Ice Caves.Bad Ischl has the Kaiser Villa which was Franz Josephs Hunting Lodge.I would get on the road at 5:30 AM from Salzburg.Why dont you stay in Salzburg as your last stay,you will be closer to Munich.If you need lodging in St Wolfgang contact me.