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Musical concerts with kids

We will be in Salzburg in August with kids (one teen and one is 10 years old). Both play viola but do not intend to go to music school. We were hoping to see a concert with them. I checked the website but there are varied options.

Does anyone have concert recommendations for this age group that are reasonably priced and is a nice setting ?


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This can be a difficult query to respond to - First . what are your exact dates ? Second , before I would recommend an exact program , I would ask whether your children have any past experience as audience . Choosing a program for casual or inexperienced listeners requires that you not turn them off by picking a program that is too abstract for them . The site you list in your post doesn't show programming but only dates and times , Here is a link to the programs of this coming summer's Salzburg Festival . I see some programs which might be a good fit if you can provide further information to guide my thinking . ( For instance , do you and your family , particularly the children , listen to classical music here at home ? ) I hope this helps . By the way skip down to the section on concerts and Kammermusik ( Chamber Music ) There are some possibilities there .

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Sorry for the vagueness in my earlier post. Our tentative dates are 12th-16th August.
Yes, kids have past experience of concerts that are 1-1.5 hour long. Since kids play piano and viola they are exposed to some classical music.

Many Thanks

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Great ! - ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien
Sergej Prokofjew Suite aus dem Ballett Romeo und Julia op. 64
(Zusammenstellung von Elim Chan)
Sergej Rachmaninow Symphonische Tänze op. 45
ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien
Elim Chan Dirigentin
SA 12. August, 19:30 Uhr
Felsenreitschul - This is a very good program both pieces are very listenable . As far as The Mirabell concerts , these ( and the others of this genre ) would likely be geared to tourists ( nothing wrong with that ) and often will be comprised of melodic works like Vivaldi's Four Seasons or Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik , so those would also be viable possibilities