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Munich/Salzburg and day trip itinerary help

Our group of 8 will be completing a Germany bus tour in Munich on a Tuesday morning. We have a flight mid day out of Munich Friday. We would like to spend the remaining three days in Austria. Any help with logistics appreciated. Here is my tentative itinerary:
Tuesday am: pick up rental car in Munich, drive to Salzburg. Spend day in Salzburg, sleep Salzburg
Wednesday: early morning drive to lake Hallstatt. See the town, do salt mine tours. Return to Salzburg for late dinner
Thursday: am visit hellbrun palace (maybe?), drive to Berchtesgaden area to see eagles nest and documentation center. Drive to Munich airport, drop off rental and stay at airport hotel.
Friday flight home

1- is this doable/ too much
2– any suggested logistic changes—I thought of driving straight to Hallstatt on Tuesday, but concerned it will be mobbed if we get there mid day
3- driving/ parking: thought about public transportation, but like convening car. Is driving easy enough in these locations? Where should I park in Salzburg? Staying near the train station


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** Is driving easy enough in these locations? ** Your Hallstatt segment:

We used Mondsee as a base for visiting the area. It's near Salzburg, so I expect your drive to Hallstatt would be similar to ours; about 1 hr and 15 min. We got an early start, probably between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m., and found plenty of parking in the lot adjacent to the town (Parkplatz 1; the signage is excellent). The drive was easy and beautiful.

There's a pull-off on the left side of the highway, a bit north of Hallstatt, that was a great spot for some distance photos of the town and background mountains. We also took the advice of Forum regulars (and, probably, Rick) who recommended taking the little boat shuttle ("Stefanie") from Hallstat across the lake and back. It's primarily transportation for folks coming by rail, but the short boat trip offers great views of the town from the water, as well as a relaxing escape from the selfie-stick wielding crowds who will be filling the streets by mid-morning.

It's a day-trip that's worth the effort, especially if you can arrange for an early arrival.

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A group of 8 in a single vehicle? 2 vehicles? I understand preferring the flexibility of a car between sites, but in pedestrian friendly cities will be an issue.

Also, Regional tickets can be used for up to 5 adults for about 10-15 Euros/pp.

"Unlimited number of trips within Bavaria in one day
Travel with up to 5 persons for only EUR 7 per additional passenger
Valid from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 am the next day
Up to 2 adults can bring any number of their own children or grandchildren free of charge

Group tickets area also available:

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I agree and generally would prefer public transport. the three day van rental (van has 9 seats) is around $40/ person, and should save quite a bit of travel time, particularly if we go to Hallstatt

I’m planning on picking up on my way out of Munich, and simply returning to the airport the final day. It sounds like I can park outside Salzburg and bus or cab in?

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I looked to do something similar and there is a $500 fee for picking vehicle up in one country and dropping in another. Otherwise itinerary seems reasonable depending on time of year (long days, no snow).

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First, as noted before, there's no need for a car. Use the train and public transport. Reasons for this are many; expense, lack of parking in both Salzburg and Hallstadt, and who ever get stuck driving s going to miss the scenery. All of the inner part of Salzburg is off limits to vehicle unless you're local and have a pass for certain hours. You can't get any closer than the train station, and since that's where you're staying a car is both an added expense and a pain to find parking for. As for Hallstadt perhaps you've missed the notices on this forum that it's already over run with several thousand tourists daily? There's no place to park unless you want to walk the last couple miles into town. That's why they have public transport. Use it.

As for Berchtesgaden, unless you're not going for another 5 months it's pretty much closed. You're not going to get to the Eagles Nest before May. If you want to see a documentation center the one in Nuremberg is better.

Personally, I can't imagine seeing Salzburg in a day. I usually stay 3 nights and after several trips have much left to see. If you really must see something else pass on Hallstadt and go to St Wolfgang. Just as pretty and without the crowds.