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Which city would you stop in for 2 nights - Munich or Stuttgart or nuremberg or ?

We are traveling from Halstatt Austria to Trier or one of the towns along the Mosel for 2-3 days of bike riding.
We dont want to be in a car or train all day so we want to pick one place to stop along the way for 2 nights.
So this could be Munich or Nuremberg or Stuttgart or Frankfurt or a small town on the train route from Salzburg to to the Mosel region. So my question is which place would you stop for 2 nights?

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Traveled to two of them at least a half a dozen times. Munich has more of a city pace with lots to do. Stuttgart seems to require a purpose to be there. Nuremberg has a laid back historic flavor. My order of preference would be Munich, Nuremberg, then Stuttgart.

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Toss up between Munich and Nuremberg as each has it's own unique allure. Frankfurt has a great old town and would be a maybe. Stuttgart would be my last choice. A town you didn't mention is Wurzburg. Do some reserch and see if it calls to you.

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What are your interests? You can run the gamut in Munich, so that would be the first choice. Nuremburg second.

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Munich if you've never been there or if you have an interest in the stuff in the central tourist zone; Marienplatz, RS walking tour, viktualienmarkt, various Munich beer halls.

Nuremberg if you want that "cobbled pedestrian avenues leading up the castle" olde world vibe.

Both have museums and history; medieval and WWII. Both have great connections, lots of hotel options, German food and beer.

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Nuremberg - city walls, quaint city center, great food.

Munich is too big. But it’s a 2 hour train to Fussen to see the most famous castle.

stuttgart is a good medium size and has Mercedes Benz museum but not as charming.

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I'd vote Frankfurt as just past mid way

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Just a casual look at train routes and Heidelberg Hbf was one possible stop. By car Nürnberg or Würzburg but you will have to park. Even though you are going to the Mosel, you might consider the Franken Wine region (Main River). Base out of one town and drive the area. We buy wine and stay in Priechsenstadt. You can drive to Volkach/Vogelsburg, Iphofen, Baumwipfelpfad Steigerwald etc. It's also a great area for bikes. Even as far as Miltenberg or as a stop along the way to the Mosel region. I'm not much of a fan of Miltenberg anymore as it can be overrun with tourists. Autobahn A3 does have a lot of construction going on now too.