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Mozart's birth place/residence - tickets in advance?

Hi There,
We are going on the Germany, Austria, Switzerland (GAS) tour next month. The Mozart museums in Saltsburg, Austria are not included on the tour but I am thinking about going during our spare time. Should I buy these tickets in advance or is it likely I'll still be able to get in when I arrive in Saltsburg? Thanks!

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I visited Salzburg last September (weekend) and I had no problems getting tickets on the spot. By the way, if you have time for just one, make it the Birthplace. The Residence was not interesting at all for me, displays were limited and most info was through audio-guide only, which I hate.
And if you have other places on your list, the Salzburg passport/museum cards (forgot the exact name) are good value.

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I was there last Sept. with my sister. We just bought our tickets there.

Be sure to stop in the Salzburg Salz shop. It’s right near Mozart’s birthplace. My sister and I are obsessed with their hard candy and have ordered numerous times on-line since being back home.

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You are unlikely to need advance tickets . Of the two museums , The Birth House ( Geburtshaus ) is the better choice of the two

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not needed in advance you will be able to get in. didn't love the birth place museum. a little bit cheesey/over reaching/ambitious but not hitting the mark fully. cool yes, but pricey for what it is. not blockbuster by any means.

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I visited both in June. I had the Salzburg Pass but there were no lines for anyone. You can just walk up to the ticket window. Birthplace is definitely better than Residence.
If you like Christmas, visit the Christmas Museum (Salzburger Weihnachtsmuseum). Krampus is an interesting character.
Avoid Christmas in Salzburg store, they sell a bunch of Chinese made ornament, take off those labels and put on their own. How do I know? I have lots of and lots of ornaments; a few of which they sell, I have, bought at half the price.

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I am another who preferred the Birthplace

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Agree with everyone. I had the Salzburg card and was able to walk right in. I think the Gebertshaus is where you want to see as it also highlights what it was like living in Salzburg during the time.