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Mom and Daughter trip

Yup, only 26 days now. Still welcoming any good resturant suggestions, (maybe the odd bar for daughter). Especially a recommended restaurant close to our hotel ( Hotel Beethoven) near Naschtmark but not necessarily there, for our arrival day. It’s an early flight so will be a challenge to keep going on the first day, a good resturant will help! Hubby and I have been twice so know what’s up with the Natschtmark. We do like the hotel so that’s our choice but will be walking to stay awake and would like to end with an early good dinner. Emily, if you read this, I did PM you….TIA. (Any other resturant suggestions and things to do welcome)

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Probably not a first day activity, but my wife lived in Vienna for a year. She really liked to walk the vineyards. Her favored area is the Nussdorf/Nussberg area at the NW end of the city. Suburban village feel, lot of BMW's parked in the residential driveways, less touristy than some other Vienna wine regions but quite nice. Smaller family heurigen, pretty lanes through bucolic vineland, big views if you walk all the way up the mountain. When we visit we always do a vineyard day (or at least an evening visiting a heurige) and the vineyard area above Nussdorf is always charming and relaxing. S Bahn access.

There are centuries old heurigen in the village itself (a bit like Monmatre, it was a separate municipality until almost the 20th century), and on sunny weekends the winemakers up the hill open up for food and tasting.

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I used to spend time planning what restaurants we were going to eat at, and never got around to going to them. And the few restaurants we did try to eat at didn't necessarily have food that was appetizing to us.

The world continues to get more Americanized. We recently returned from Berlin and found a bunch of young adults eating American fast food and Vietnamese food. Not that many German restaurants were where we stayed. We did eat the local food in Dresden, however the busiest restaurant there was a KFC.

Ask your hotel what a good restaurant is for the type of food you're looking for. We always stay on Mariahilferstrasse in Vienna, and the street scene is flush with restaurants of all kinds--toward the Westbahnhof.

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This is most comprehensive restaurant guide for Vienna:

Although in German it easily understandable. Clicking on "Empfohlen" (i.e. recommended) reduces the number of places found to about 10% of more than 4000. Clicking on "Alle Bezirke" (i.e. all city boroughs) opens a pull-down menu from which you can select the borough of your neighborhood.

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It's patently ridiculous, but I like to eat at the chain Italian restaurant Vapiano a couple of times on every trip. It's become almost an inside joke in our family. I mean, it's a chain restaurant, same across the continent, families and 20 something date nights.

To Vapiano's credit, the food isn't bad, wide variety of Italian dishes, pizza, salads, etc. It's fun ordering from the cooks, decent wine at the bar, interesting pay/food retrieval system, affordable, free gummy bears on exit. It certainly is a European experience/concept, if not Viennese or unique. Probably 5 of them in Vienna.

We never plan on it, more like everyone is getting grouchy/hangry, can't decide where to eat, poking at phone, look up - "oh hey there's a Vapiano ...."

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Thanks for the input. I’m sure we will find something quite suitable, lots to pick from. I was hoping for suggestions close to our hotel for our arrival day which will be a long day, just nice to eat close to home and then get ready to hit the next day full on.

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Judy, when I was a teenager in 1980something, we stayed at the Hotel Beethoven. I would never have guessed that 30+ years later I'd be living here.

The area around your hotel is awash with very good Asian restaurants. Mama Liu & Sons and Ramien on Gumpendorferstrasse are very popular (that street also has the lovely Phil's). A stop in Cafe Sperl, which hands-down has the best apple strudel in Vienna, is a must and luckily it is near your hotel. Drechsler Wienzeile on the Linke Wienzeile is a solid choice (and there are many other good choices along this road). Schleifmühlgasse is one of the best streets in Vienna, with cute shops and the best cafe in town - Vollpension. At Vollpension, all the bakers are retired grandmothers and grandfathers who keep traditional recipes alive. The decor is like your grandmother's living room. Also on this street in Anzengruber, which many say has the best schnitzel in Vienna. Finally, I really like Cafe Heuer at Karlsplatz on a sunny afternoon for a drink.

Late April will likely be a good time for lilacs. I can very much recommend a visit to the St. Marx Friedhof (cemetary) which is full of historic gravestones, including Mozarts, but notably full of lilac bushes. If you go to Schonbrunn, but sure to see the wisteria arbor.

What other ideas can I share with you?